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White dresses

the Color of purity, innocence and light! White is one of the most common and versatile colors, which today has not lost its popularity. Thanks to a light texture and ability to reflect sunlight, white is a symbol of freshness and aristocratic gloss.


have you Faced a situation when, picking up the white stuff to each other, to create the perfect look does not work? And all because the parts of the image have different colors. This is the main feature of white - to see the different tones you can only attach things to each other.

Yes, white color also can have different shades. Are the white ones: boil-and-white, milk and alabaster. But the dresses of these colours have the disadvantage accentuate skin defects and set off the makeup. Therefore, in order to give the skin freshness, it is better to choose more muted colours: cream, grey-white, vanilla, amantoy, ecru and the color sea foam and ivory - ivory.

And for those who want to refresh the image of unusual tones, there are antique white with a mixture of beige and pearl colour with a pink undertone.

White dresses for different styles

White is a universal color that suits almost every look. But there are colors that are best with certain styles.

So, white dresses is a great choice for a classic, Scandinavian and sporty image, as well as a look at the style sport-chic. White-gray color is more suitable for the styles vintage and Provence. And for a romantic and Bohemian look s recommended for fine shades: ivory, pearl or ecru.

White on the website Gepur

whether you're Looking for a specific shade of white or just want to refresh your image, take a look at the catalogue of brand Gepur. Our online shop is a large selection of dresses in different shades from pure white to creamy ivory. Here you will be able to buy white dress wholesale and retail, and pick up her exclusive design.

Rather go to the sections of the catalog and enjoy all shades of white!

  • Question: Where to buy a dress?

    Answer: You can choose and buy a beautiful dress staying at home. You will find over 400 models for everyday wear or event in Gepur online catalog. You need to go to the product page, specify the appropriate size and click the "Add to cart" button.

  • Question: How to choose the dress?

    Answer: The Gepur catalog contains a wide selection of dresses of different styles. Videos and photos will help you to understand how the selected model looks from all sides. Use the size table to pick up a dress according to your figure.

  • Question: What dresses are trending now?

    Answer: The Gepur design team is constantly following fashion trends. That’s why only the most relevant styles and colors are presented in our catalog: with fringes, sequins, leather, guipure and mesh, quilted models and wrap-around dresses.

  • Question: How much does the dress cost?

    Answer: The price of a beautiful dress depends on many different factors: material, style, size, etc. The Gepur online store offers a wide variaty of the most trendy models. You can buy a beautiful dress at a price from 400 UAH.

  • Question: What dress to choose based on the figure?

    Answer: Depending on the type of figure, it is important to choose dresses so that they hide problems as much as possible and give volume where there is needed. It is easy to increase narrow shoulders with ruffles and flounces, and hide heavy hips with a wide skirt.