Classic plaid blazer

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The jacket has become a must-have item in any wardrobe. The product will make a profitable tandem with jeans and a T-shirt, as well as a pencil skirt or blouse and wide trousers. Double-breasted blazer made of soft fabric. The interweaving of black and white threads forms a checkered pattern. The well-defined shoulder line is shaped with foam inserts. There are side welt pockets at the front.

Vendor code: 37024 Color: black and white Material: трикотаж джерси Composition: cotton 20% viscose 30% polyester 50%

Classic plaid blazer
Classic plaid blazer
Classic plaid blazer

Classic plaid blazer

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  • Размер S-M
    • Обхват груди (см)

      94 - 98
    • Обхват талии (см)

      96 - 100
    • Обхват бедер (см)

  • Размер L-XL
    • Обхват груди (см)

      98 - 102
    • Обхват талии (см)

      100 - 104
    • Обхват бедер (см)

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Size Chart

  • s-m
    • Грудь94 - 98
    • Талия96 - 100
    • Бёдра
  • l-xl
    • 98 - 102
    • 100 - 104

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